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As a producer of high-quality leathers and exclusive leather sofas, chairs, etc., we own and operate our own tannery and furniture factory in Chennai, South India. This allows us to ensure strict quality control at all stages of production, whilst utilizing local and traditional skills, to ensure our leathers and furniture meet the most demanding requirements.

Our Showroom

Our exclusive furniture showroom offers you the latest from the furniture sector. A walk in our showroom will help you in taking a clear decision. Handpick the best out of the best from our showcase for your residence or commercial space. Since we are specialized in the customization of furniture in terms of Color, sizes and specifications, around 100 designs can be produced in 50 different colors.


We employ about 150 people in a covered area of 60,000 sq. ft. and produce 400+ hides per day and about 200+ sets of furniture per month. We produce 400+ hides per day and about 200+ sets of furniture per month. Right from raw hides to finished leather and furniture, we take care of everything.

  • 150 Peoples

  • 60,000 Sq.ft


Since 1945, we have been operating with two tanning factories in Ambur and Chennai. Our manufacturing capacity expands to 4,00,000 sqft p/m with a workforce of 150 people. We are taking care of all the operations right from complete wet end to finishing tannery. We are one of the very few tanneries in the world dealing in Waxy and Pull-up leathers.

90% of our leather is being exported to US and China. Our leather products are strictly produced with Indian and European raw materials. Our finished leather is used to manufacture sofas, bags, shoes, belts, etc.

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